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2UP in the Car Park from Midday to Sundown


Thursday 25 April 2024


2UP is making a triumphant return to our car park as we commemorate ANZAC Day at The Sackville. Join us in the car park for one of Sydney's favourite and biggest 2UP rings.


Our giant 2UP ring will be running from midday to sun down with grandstand seating, followed by DJs in the carpark from 6pm.


We're very proud to once again be raising funds for Legacy with a Karma Keg of Balter XPA.


We can't wait to commemorate this special day once again, and look forward to seeing you in the car park.


Scroll through for FAQ's.


Where will 2UP be held?

2UP will be held in our CAR PARK from midday to sundown on Anzac Day, Thursday 25 April.

Will there be food?

Yes, there will be a reduced menu available from our kitchen on the day. A dairy free & vegan option are both available too.

How early do you open?

We'll be open from 10am.

Can I bring my kids?

No persons under 18 are permitted to come along to ANZAC Day, even if accompanied by an adult or caretaker.

What fundraising will be happening on the day?

We're collecting donations for Legacy Australia this year through donation stations around the venue.

Will the Bottle Shop be open?

Yes, the Bottle Shop will be open all day.