A Rozelle Institution Since 1876.


Whether you're dining in with us, having a quick drink or just driving through to grab a cheeky six pack from the bottle shop, the Sackville is here for you.


Here at the Sackville, we're for after work drinks, birthday parties, those spontaneous cocktail nights with friends, sport heads and more. 


Whether you're from the peninsula or out of town, you can be sure of a few things when visiting the Sacky: the beers are always cold, the steaks are always juicy & good times are guaranteed.


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24 Hour Party

24 Hour Party

Sat 15 May

Join us at the Sackville and take part in the 24 Hour Party with more than 80 acts performing with over 170 hours of entertainment. The party will take place across 17 stages across 11 venues throughout Sydney. Click for more info!