$10 Cocktails All Day Thursday!


South of the Sacky | 18
Bombay sapphire, lime, mint

The Taki Taki | 18
Bacardi oro, campari, pineapple, lime, cane sugar

Aperol Spritz | 16
Aperol, prosecco

Espresso Martini | 18
42 below, kahlua, salted caramel, espresso

Negroni | 18
Bombay sapphire, campari, martini rosso

Bloody Mary  | 18
42 below vodka, tomato juice, sacky mary mix

Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned | 18
Barrel-aged makers mark, bitters, cherry

Four Pillars Bloody Mule    22
Four pillars bloody shiraz, lime, ginger beer, mint



RED RED WINE ‘Goes To My Head’ | 28
Sangria, licor 43, citrus

WATERMELON ‘Sugar High’ | 28
Bacardi Blanca, watermelon, lychee, lime



because they deserve their own menu


Classic Margarita | 18
Espolon blanco, cointreau, lime

Passionfruit Margarita | 18
Espolon blanco, passionfruit, dragonfruit

Spicy Margarita | 18
Espolon blanco, lime, agave, sacky secret spices

Makers Mark Old Fashioned at the Sackville

Cocktail Highlight

Barrel Aged Old Fashioned

Our in house barrel-aged Makers Mark adds a soft blend of oak, caramel and subtle char to our classic Old Fashioned. Try it for yourself when you're next at the Sacky.